HYUNDAI R200 Front Idler Group Excavator Idler Assembly

Our front idler group are tempered to resist cracking and chipping, it has a longer life under severe environment.
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    1 PCS
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    T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union
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    Yellow Black or Customized
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    XiaMen, China
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    30 days
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    Wooden Pallet Packing
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HYUNDAI Front Idler Bulldozer Idler R200 R60 Idler Group 

1. What is an idler?


The idler is made of idler shell, shaft, o-ring, Bi-metallic bushing bronze and seal group. Its quality and working life depends on the quality of raw steels, the hardness of rail surface, the depth of hardness layer, the quality of seal group etc.

Idler wheel structure

2. Why Choose Us?

  • Shell of our carrier roller is forged by alloy steel from famous steel mill, so the internal material fiber flow is distributed in the most reasonable direction, this is the basic guarantee of high quality.
  • Our professional quench-tempering processes ensure the excellent mechanical properties, high strength and superior wear resistance to avoid bending and breakage.
  • The use of mechanical oil and environmental protection paint improves the ability to resist high and low temperature and extends the product’s working life under severe environment.
  • The bi-metal bushing and floating oil seals use standard parts with more stable quality.
  • Our quality control is strictly performed from sourcing raw materials and  machining procession to final packing. 

3. Idler Manufacturing Processes

 Idler group manufacturing

3. Main Dimensions of Idler


Idler wheel dimensions

Main Parameters

Brand Model Main Dimensions of Installation
HYUNDAI R55-7 384 355 106 200 179 50 50
R60-7 384 355 106 200 179 50 50
R80LC-7 440 410 100 160 200 0 60
R130LC-7 552 507 135 175 210 0 70
R200 585 550 160 330 300 60 75
R200LC 578 530 160 300 300 60 75
R210LC-7 560 520 160 210 310 66 75
R250 638 594 204 288 360 65 85
R290-3 638 594 204 288 360 65 85

The models above are just for reference, we can't list all models here. We can supply more products as your requirements. Please feel free to send us your inquiry. 

4. Hot Sale Products

Hot sale idler group

5. Other Advantages

  • World-class quality with competitive price
  • 35 years' experience in Excavator & Bulldozer spare parts manufacturing
  • Flexible payment terms including T/T,L/C and so on
  • Fast delivery within 30 days after contract established
  • Professional sales team,quality inspection, maritime logistics guidance
  • After-sale services:video technical support, 24h online support

6. Customer Feedback

Idler customer feedback


We are a professional Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts manufacturer in China, we offer customized products that could meet your various needs. Follow us, we will exceed your expectation.


1. Our Factory View

YinTai Factory View


2. Our Inspection Equipments

Spare Parts Inspection Equipments

 3. Our Main Certificates

Yintai Certificates

4. Our Packing

Packing and Delivery

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