• Advanced Technology and High Quality are Our Pursuit
    Oct 20, 2020 Advanced Technology and High Quality are Our Pursuit
    Yintai is an international high-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts. With the continuous development of the Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts market, the competition will certainly be fiercer. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the advantages of us from the purchase of raw materials, R&D, design, manufacture to final packaging. In recent years, we have increased the input of R&D fund and organized excellent R&D team to develop new products and new technologies. More and more new devices and technologies have been used in our products and recognized as patents by the SIPO. We have made heavy investment in introducing CNC, full-automatic digital control lathes and other advanced world-leading equipments to ensure superior quality. The Germany KUKA automatic machining center, HMC-500 and VMC850 machining center were set up for the machining of track rollers, carrier rollers, segments, track link etc. Four automatic welding robot which are the most advanced in China were imported from Japan Panasonic for welding our products. Six automatic belt heat treatment lines were equipped for heat treatment to ensure our products have the right hardness. In addition, we have multiple forging lines including two hot die forging lines which producing segments, track links, track bushings, track roller shells and so on. Up to now, we have won 5 patents on Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts. All these patents are the witness to our core competition power and provide strong technological support to our products. Therefore, in recent years we have maintained a leading position in manufacturing Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts. Advanced technology and high quality are our pursuit, please pay close attention to us, our products and services will exceed your expectation.
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  • Steel Prices Have Tripled. Bank of America is Sounding the Alarm
    May 06, 2021 Steel Prices Have Tripled. Bank of America is Sounding the Alarm
    New York (CNN Business)--A bubble could be brewing in steel stocks. The pandemic brought the American steel industry to its knees last spring, forcing manufacturers to shut down production as they struggled to survive the imploding economy. But as the recovery got underway, mills were slow to resume production, and that created a massive steel shortage. This leads to the continuously rising prices of all steel products. such as Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts. Now, the reopening of the economy is driving a steel boom so strong that some are convinced it will end in tears. "This is going to be short-lived. It's very appropriate to call this a bubble," Bank of America analyst Timna Tanners told CNN Business, using the "b-word" that equity analysts from major banks typically avoid. After bottoming out around $460 last year, US benchmark hot-rolled coil steel prices are now sitting at around $1,500 a ton, a record high that is nearly triple the 20-year average. Steel stocks are on fire. US Steel (X), which crashed to a record low last March amid bankruptcy fears, has skyrocketed 200% in just 12 months. Nucor (NUE) has spiked 76% this year alone. While "scarcity and panic" are lifting steel prices and stocks today, Tanners predicted a painful reversal as supply catches up with what she described as unimpressive demand. "We expect this will correct — and often when it corrects, it over-corrects," said Tanners, a two-decade veteran of the metals industry who authored a report last week headlined "Steel stocks in a bubble." Steel shortage is lifting stocks Leading steel stocks have rallied five times more than the S&P 500 since the beginning of the year. 'A bit frothy' Phil Gibbs, director of metals equity research at KeyBanc Capital Markets, agreed that steel prices are at unsustainable levels. "This would be like $170-a-barrel oil. At some point, people will say, 'F this, I'm not going to drive, I will take the bus,'" Gibbs told CNN Business. "The correction will be very intense. It's just a matter of when and how it happens." Gibbs said he is "more confident the steel price is in a bubble," rather than that steel stocks themselves are in a bubble. The steel bubble buzz is just the latest debate about the sustainability of booming pockets of the market in this era of rock-bottom interest rates. Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies are on fire. GameStop (GME), AMC (AMC) and their fellow Reddit-fueled stocks skyrocketed earlier this year. And blank-check companies, some backed by celebrities, are raising gobs of money. Even Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has acknowledged the risk of overspeculation. "You are seeing things in capital markets that are a bit frothy," Powell said during last week's press conference. "That's a fact. I won't say it has nothing to do with monetary policy, but also it has a tremendous amount to do with vaccination and reopening of the economy." Yet another shortage as the economy reopens Steel i...
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  • Impact of Dual Control of Energy Consumption
    Oct 08, 2021 Impact of Dual Control of Energy Consumption
    The recent “Dual Control of Energy Consumption” policy of the Chinese government has had a deep impact on the production capacity of many manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in many industries has to be delayed. In addition, the China Ministry of Ecology and Environment has issued the draft of “2021-2022 Autumn and Winter Action Plan for Air Pollution Management” in September. This autumn and winter (from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022), the production capacity in some industries, including our Excavator and Bulldozer parts industry, may be further restricted. Our factory that manufacturing Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts, belong to a factory that consumes a lot of electricity, due to the reasons above, the manufacturing capacity of our factory has decreased. Relatively the price of all goods will be pushing higher. To mitigate the impact of these restrictions, we recommend you place an order as soon as possible. We will arrange production according to the  order of customers’ orders and try our best to deliver goods on time. We value environmental protection, hope everything can be sustainable. In order to minimize the impact of Dual Control of Energy Consumption, please contact our sales before placing an order.
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  • Customized Undercarriage Parts for LAV.152
    Apr 10, 2018 Customized Undercarriage Parts for LAV.152
    After visiting our factory twice, Mr. SAMH from South America makes his first big order to us for Harvester Undercarriage Spare Parts, such as track link, track roller, idler, bolts and nuts and so on. All these parts are customized for his brand LAV.152. During his visit, Mr. SAMH was interested in our advanced manufacturing equipments and quality control systems from sourcing raw materials to final packing. His visit promoted the bilateral exchanges and cooperation, and played an important role in promoting the company's market competitiveness and forming strategic partnerships. Now China’s steel output ranks first in the world and we pay more and more attention to the quality, these determine that we can provide customers with a variety of high quality steel products at competitive prices. Mr. SAMH knows that made in China is a trend in the future, this is why he come to China, visit and cooperate with us. This first cooperation has laid a stable foundation for the future, our high quality products and services got high praise from them. We believe that our two sides will have closer cooperation soon.
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  • OA 90 days, YINTAI Shaked Hands with QSJ Philippines
    Dec 05, 2013 OA 90 days, YINTAI Shaked Hands with QSJ Philippines
    QSJ located in Manila, Philippines. Its mission is to serve customers the high quality and fast delivery of Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts, and it is one of the largest parts’ suppliers in Philippines. QSJ and YINTAI has a long-term good cooperation relationship. Both sides have strengthened all-round cooperative relations and steadily developed more and more commercial mode. They helped us to tap the heavy equipment parts’ market in Philippines many years ago. Recently, two companies inked the strategic partnership, we offer OA 90 days payment terms to QSJ by SINOSURE, and QSJ help us to increase the market share of Philippines, this cooperation could help push forward the development of two sides in Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts industry. Our two companies had a lot in common, this cooperation is based on a high degree of agreement between the strategic model, product quality, and brand philosophy. Mr. Hong, CEO of YINTAI said the two companies would pursue new opportunities in Excavator and Bulldozer parts industry and bring new opportunities to many end users in Philippines. We adhere to market-oriented, consumer-centered, and establish more benefit communities in the future.
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  • Zero Distance to know Our Quality Control
    May 20, 2020 Zero Distance to know Our Quality Control
    As the COVID-19 virus hindered the visit to our factory, we can make zero distance in-depth learn about YT parts production in other ways. We invited a professional photographer to take photos and videos for factory manufactory. Nowadays, there are lots of Excavator & Bulldozer Spare Parts (such as undercarriage, GET parts andhydraulic attachments) in the market, but do you know how are they manufactured? And why the quality of our parts are higher? Now, through video clips and photos, take you to our factory and let you know "how do we produce it?" I believe the quality of YT parts will blow your mind. We remain positively confident about the outlook for a sharp recovery in demand of Excavator & Bulldozer UC Parts, GET Parts, hydraulic attachments and so on. Since we have the products and you have the reach. Let's make a big splash together in the world.
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