Excavator Track Link Group Track Shoe Assy

Track link assy includes track link, track shoe, track bolt and nut. It's an important part of Excavator and Bulldozer undercarriage.

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    1 PCS
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    T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union
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    Yellow Black or Customer Required
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    30 Days
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40Mn2 Steel Track Link Assy Excavator and Bulldozer Spare Parts

1. Our Track Link Assy Advantages

Track link assy includes track link, track shoe, bolt and nut, it's an important part of undercarriage. We are using advanced machining center, mesh belt furnace, horizontal and vertical CNC machining to ensure the quality and precision of each component. This is a guarantee of high quality.

track link assy

2. Basic Parameters








Warranty Time

12-18 months





3. Forging and Heat Treatment

master link heat treatment

We use advanced mesh belt furnace for heat treatment. And through quenching and tempering, our products have good combination mechanical properties. In addition, the wear resistance of our products' surface is enhanced by medium frequency heat treatment. These are why our track link assy have a longer working life.

4. Why Choose Us?

  • Professional heat treatment makes our products resist abrasion and impact well
  • World-class quality with competitive price
  • 35 years' experience in Excavator & Bulldozer spare parts manufacturing
  • One-stop purchasing service
  • Strict quality management and detect system
  • Professional sales team, quality inspection & report, maritime logistics guidance
  • After-sale services:video technical support, 24 h online support

5. Hot Sale Products

Hot sale Excavator Parts

6. Customer Feedback

Track Link customer feedback


We are a professional Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts manufacturer in China, we offer customized products that could meet your various needs. Follow us, we will exceed your expectation.


1. Our Factory View

YinTai Factory View


2. Our Inspection Equipments

Spare Parts Inspection Equipments

 3. Our Main Certificates

Yintai Certificates

4. Our Packing

Packing and Delivery

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