D7G Bulldozer Swamp Shoe Crawler Machinery Swamp Track Shoe

Swamp shoe is specially designed for bulldozer working in marsh. It makes the bulldozer could work in yielding ground and marsh.
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D50 D85 D7G D6H D4H Bulldozer Swamp Shoe Crawler Machinery Swamp Track Shoe

1. Swamp Shoe Advantages

  • All the swamp shoes are subject to through hardening processes with spray quenching technique and tempering processes, which are suitable for pitch range from 101mm to 260mm track link.
  • We manufacture casting swamp track shoe which is used in marsh and other special working conditions.
  • The track shoe is made of special alloy boron steel material and after properly heat treatment, it can play under bend and high-wear effect in any working conditions.

2. Basic Parameters


Warranty Time
6-18 months

3. Structure and Main Dimensions

4. Our Hot Sale Products

Hot sale bulldozer parts

5. Why Choose Us?

  • Factory sale directly with reasonable price
  • 35 years' experience in Excavator & Bulldozer spare parts manufacturing
  • Flexible payment terms including T/T,L/C and so on
  • Fast delivery within 30 days after contract established
  • Professional sales team, OEM part number and maritime logistics guidance
  • After-sale services:video technical support, 24h online support

6. Tips for Track Shoe Selection

The wide variety of working conditions makes choosing the right shoe become very important . A good rule is choose the narrowest shoe that provides adequate flotation. Shoes that are too wide will loosen, bend and crack more easily. They require more power to run. Shoes of the correct width give maximum performance and the lowest possible cost to the entire system.


We are a professional Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts manufacturer in China, we offer customized products that could meet your various needs. Follow us, we will exceed your expectation.


1. Our Factory View

YinTai Factory View


2. Our Inspection Equipments

Spare Parts Inspection Equipments

 3. Our Main Certificates

Yintai Certificates

4. Our Packing

Packing and Delivery

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