Friction Welding Applied in Track Roller Manufacture |
Mar 02, 2016

Now more and more new technologies used in Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts manufacture, for example: the friction welding. It has been used in track roller for many years and we are a expert in this area.

Friction welding is a solid-state joining process, which could achieve reliable solder joints and create high-quality, high-strength joints with low distortion. These prolong the working life of the track rollers.

The friction welding track roller has many advantages. In friction welding, the welding allowance of the weldment and the welding power are small, the assembly requirements of the weld are not high, and the electric energy is saved, it is environmentally friendly. Because of high productivity and good quality, it has been widely applied in track roller manufacture.

Friction welding track rollers

Why does the friction-welding track roller be better in the wear-resistance and have a longer working lifetime?

Firstly, consumption of raw material: the roller bodies of traditional track roller are connected by the welding rod. but the friction ones are connected by the friction between rollers bodies. So the friction-welding roller will be added more raw material to make sure the roller is perfect to the standard size after welding.

Secondly, inner parts: For the traditional rollers, the welding is done after two processes of maching, so the size of the inner parts are not so precise as friction-welding ones. For the fricion-welding ones, after the weilding, there is one more precise maching with concentric locating to make sure the conformity of inner size,this means the inner parts are more precise with higher standard.

We believe in that there will be more and more new advanced technologies used in Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts manufacture in the future. Our parts will be more stable and have a longer working life. Our durable parts make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing our genuine parts.

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