Forging Applied in Front Idler Manufacture |
Jun 06, 2020
Compared with the casting, the shell body of the forged idler has a more uniform structure, better density, better strength integrity, better dimensional characteristics, and smaller dimensional error. The directional structure has higher performance in overall strength and application capability than the casting.

High Strength

Hot forging promotes the refinement of crystallization and grain, maximizing the material strength and consistency and reducing variation between forgings. The granular flow precisely flows along the shell body contour. These continuous streamlines are conducive to reducing the incidence of fatigue or common failures.

The Reliability

One of the most important advantages of forgings is that they can meet the requirements of the designed structure.

The Structural Integrity

Forging eliminates internal flaws and produces a coherent and uniform metallurgical structure assuring optimum performance. Where stress and corrosion problems of crystals are serious, forgings can ensure long service life and problems free service.

The Uniformity

The application of rolling forging technology makes the uniformity of the front Idler dimension. Dimensional uniformity of closed-die forging results in positive control of critical wall thickness, eliminating deficiencies caused by shifted core in castings. High quality and no separation of steel ingot can eliminate internal flaws and produce a coherent and uniform metallurgical structure. The fatigue strength of creep is three times higher than that of casting.

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