Track Chain Tension Plays an important Role in Undercarriage
Oct 10, 2012

Track-chain tension adjustment is the most controllable factor in undercarriage wear life. The accurate track sag of many crawler machines is 2 inches. Due to the complicated ground conditions, Track tension changes with many variations. You should clean out your tracks in daily life.

Track Chain Tension

Cleaning track: Remove out between the track and the roller frame with a shovel, preferably when the packed

material is still wet.

During working, stuck and packed materials between mating components such as rollers, links, sprocket teeth, and bushings improve track tension degree. So tension needs to be adjusted any time packing in the track chain changes.

When crawl machines go along, it should tighten the track up, so getting them cleaned out and adjusted is the important point to undercarriage life.

To measure track-chain tension:

* Roll the machine forward slowly and allow it to roll to a stop.

* Center a track pin over the carrier roller.

* Lay a straightedge or stretch a string over the track grousers.

* Measure sag between the straight edge and grouser tip where the track sags the lowest.

The track adjuster is a grease-filled hydraulic cylinder used to maintain track tension. To adjust track tension, add grease or remove grease from the track adjuster. Eliminating pitch extension, or chain stretch slows sprocket tooth wear and bushing outside-diameter wear.

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