40Mn2 Steel Characteristic and Application
Apr 26, 2020

40Mn2 Steel is to add manganese to ordinary structural steel to significantly strengthens the ferrite in the tissue. This will improve the strength and toughness of the steel. It’s chemical composition is as following.

Chemical Composition of 40Mn2 Steel (%)

C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Cu Mo W V Ti
0.41 0.24 1.51 0.029 0.005 0.15 0.01 0.03 0.01 0 0.003 0.004

40Mn2 steel is widely used in manufacturing crawler machine parts which working under heavy loads, such as Excavator and Bulldozer undercarriage parts, crankshafts and so on. It is a medium carbon manganese steel, which has high strength, plasticity and wear resistance. Its machinability and heat treatment process performance are also good. The physical property is as following.

40Mn2 Steel Physical Property

Yield Strenght


Tension  Intensity



A (%)

Cross-sectional Area Reduction


General Loosen Center Porosity
1015 1020 1060 1070 14 15 48 45 0/0 0/0 0.5/0.5 0.5/0.5

Most of Excavator track link are made of 40Mn2 steel bar, it has has high strength, plasticity and wear resistance. For higher quality track link assy, YinTai will use 35MnBH steel bar.

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