35MnBH Steel Analysis and Application
Dec 05, 2018
All the performances of 35MnBH steel could meet the requirements of technical conditions through such measures as micro-alloying, establishing strict and reasonable production engineering as well as narrow control for composition of molten steel based on those of 35MnB.
Mainly used in Excavator and Bulldozer undercarriage manufacturing, 35MnBH steel Requires high purity and uniformity of ingredients to reach good organizational structure, mechanical properties and good quality of the appearance. It’s chemical composition is as following.

The main spare parts of undercarriage is track link, which is made of 40Mn2 steel or 35MnB steel and play the role of connecting the track shoes and transmitting power. For the normal Excavator track link, it’s made of 40Mn2, but for the Bulldozer or Excavator which working in a serious environment, use 35MnBH steel to make the track link will be the first choice. The physical property is as following.

All the oil track link and other high-quality track links manufactured by YINTAI are made of 35MnBH steel bar, this makes our track link have good combination mechanical properties and maximize the life span of each component and minimize production cost per hour.
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